Splitting Large texture among multiple planes


I am currently dealing with a 2d mobile project, and as such, the art assets I received are 1024x768.

I am using 2dToolkit and I’m setting up the background, but since the background is 1024 pixels in at least one dimension, they won’t fit on a Material that is 1024x1024 (which is the maximum for non-retina displays on the iPhone, as I understand) when you take padding under consideration.

To fix this problem, I came up with the genius(?) idea to just split the large textures so they could live on separate materials, and then I would create two sprite GameObjects (basically just planes) and slide them right up next to each other. Problem is that it’s a pain in the butt to get them exactly perfectly aligned (Lots of zoom-zoom-drag-check-nope-drag-drag), and, even if it’s aligned in the Game view, when I push it out to a device, there is a very clear “seam” visible between the two objects!

Having to wait to push to a device (a 5+ minute process on my machine) is just too much to check for such a small but significant thing. There has to be a better way.

I haven’t touched the import settings since 2dToolkit is handling that, so I don’t want to mess it up too much. But is there any other way to deal with screenfilling textures? (And since this is a 2d app, the textures would be filling up the screen ALL THE TIME)

Thanks in advance!

You should definitely manage that in a script, not try to align them by hand. In a Start function, get the dimensions of those things and set their positions accordingly. Ex: if each planar mesh is 1 unit wide, they need to be 1 unit apart. If the first one is at 0,0,0, the next one to the right is at 1,0,0 and so on.