Spotlight angle is completely wrong

I set spotlight angle to 150 degree. But it seems very wrong.

It’s simple.

If I set spot light angle to 150 degree, then it has to lighten 150 degree area. but as you can see above, light reaches only small area in the center(maybe like 24 degree area??)

Why is this happening? and How can I fix it?

I know I can make range something big like 5000 to solve problem. But I have to make spotlight reach until maximum range.
Distance between spot light and plane is 50. and spotlight range is 51. I overrided default shader to modify light attenuation to be very low so that light will be reached until almost maximum range.


Hi, I think this would resolve your problem:

  1. Increase the range of the spotlight.

  2. Move the player away until the whole spotlight could be seen in the plane.

  3. Decrease the FOV, until you only could see the plane.

  4. If the light is too strong, just decrease the light strength.

I think this will help you.

Hi @donijoya, I think the spot of light your seeing on you’re plane is the reflection of the light in the material. Make sure the metallic smoothness is dialed all they way down and you’ll get a more realistic view of the extent of the light innerConeAngle and lightAngle. Then you can play around with those values using a script together with the light intensity to get something more like what you expect.