Spotlight Does not Show Up In Android Builds

I have a Spotlight set up as a flashlight for my player and when I play the game in the editor the spotlight works, but when I play my game with the mobile first person player on my phone in a build the spotlight doesn’t work. The GammObjects in the scene seem to be illuminated on the Android build, but doesn’t look as if it’s a ‘real’ flashlight shining on all the GameObjects i have placed into the scene. Im using the standard shaders for the regular pc builds forthe mobile builds and not the mobile shaders for the materials. It used to work until I deactivated the children of the mobile first person player to set up the pc ‘Normal’ first person player to quickly test my game… Sorry for the long description. This as been bugging me all day now and I can’t figure it out. Thanks for any help provided.

Hey, it’s problem is “spot light” render!!

i think that you can see render → (auto, important, not important) in spot light object

you must be setting “important”, and then you can seeeeeee spot light in mobile, thanks

Hi, stumbled across your question when searching for the same problem myself. By trial and error I found that by setting the build quality higher, the spotlight works. Am working through the various settings to see at what stage it stops, but so far both fantastic and beautiful are working for me, but with performance implications. I’ve also noticed that I need the intensity on the spotlight a bit higher.

Good ok also

If you read carefully the docs and combine the knowledge you will find out how to fix this. Most of the times (besides the important) it has to do with pixel light count (if I remember the name of the setting correctl) it’s in the Quality settings. When in Realtime GI the default for mobile is usually set to 1-2. Thats is only 1 (or 2) lights contribute to the GI (Actualy what important does is LOCKS that light to be the one instead of the stronger/more visible one)