Spotlight is not working

Hello, this is my second question. It’s about the Spotlight lighting option that Unity has to make car headlights’ flashlights, etc.

Well, i wnated to make a flashlight like every typical horror game, i just want to asure that i have DirectX11.
I created a Spotlight and there was NO light, no lightsource, no nothing related to light. I tried adjusting the angle and range, nothing, changing every render option, changed the lighting method to Fowrward, Deferred Lighting, etc. I tried vertex lit, but all looks like the sega genesis graphics and it only illuminated the surfaces of the terrain. I need help please.

I solved it. you cant see real light(like flash light and etc)when you build your game for android.No low quality no setting light …
1.make spotlight .
2.change render mode to important!
3.Do not check the draw halo for a better result
will work!
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Yes, i kinda had the same problem too i guess. Look up on my question. I’ve got two answers and neither them is working. Still hoping for a follow up. Hope those answers might be a solution for you.
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Are you running the game on a low quality setting?

I had the same problem because I was running on a low setting

I know it’s late but I was getting a similar issue & what I did, I just go to the project setting – graphics – & just removed the default option from my quality setting & made it to medium setting. It worked. After working I clicked again to default & it still works.