Spotlight Soft shadows not rendering when close to object.

In my scene, I have a drawer. In that drawer is a flashlight. For some reason, even though the drawer is set to cast shadows, and receive shadows, and also my spotlight is set to Soft shadows, and my lighting path is set to deffered, the light still passes through the drawer. I have an image of what it looks like here-


I need my lighting set to deffered, otherwise the spotlight lights up the entire object, rather than the parts of the texture it is pointed at. Any fixes?

I had a similar issue. When I changed my light specifically to “Not Important” (instead of “Auto”) it stopped going through objects it wasn’t supposed to.

In Forward rendering this will probably cause an undesired effect (per vertex lighting), but in Deferred it should be fine since all lights get calculated on a per pixel basis. In my case I noticed no difference in quality.