Spotlight's shaft created by HDRP volumetric fog flicker

I am using HDRP volumetric fog to create light shaft for spot light
I saw the light shaft flickering in game view, it doesn’t happen in scene view.
It shows a lot of flickering, the flickering is more obvious with light cookie and high intensity light setting
Is there a way I can remove the flickering or at least slow it down?

Did you find the solution to the flickering? Also do you have some idea as how to make the light shaft look less grainy and visible from farther distance?,Did you find any solution to the flikering? And is there a way to make the shaft look less grainy and visible from farther distance?

Did you fix your problem? Im facing the same issue…

I’m a bit late but I figured out a fix for the same problem that happened to me (although mine didn’t look as extreme as that). If you’re using quite a recent version of unity’s HDRP (At the time of writing, 7.3.1 is the latest version), make sure your spotlight doesn’t have its angle higher than 170 (roughly), as this for me caused the flickering effect to go away. Additionally, in your fog volume component, there is a setting icon in the top right-hand corner. Click that and a few more settings should appear. You want to click the button labelled “filter”. That should attempt to smooth out the fog, which again, helped in my case a little.

Noisy volumetric solution in HDRP:

Under volumetric fog override>filter>set to both instead of choosing one

When both set it may still look noisy in scene viewport but noise will be completely eliminated from game view.

Flickering possible solution:
Volumetric fog has separate volume distance calculation. Assuming the problem can be when camera cross that distance ±1 unity can’t decide if volumetric fog need to render or not. If that is the problem then solution will be increase the volumetric fog distance. Default is set to 64. Check the volumetric fog distance and increase the value. Should solve the flickering issue.

If it didn’t solve then your light maybe occluded somehow by camera. Check the occlusion setting.
How to identify?
If your whole light got disable during flickering then it’s a camera occlusion issue. If light is seen and only volumetric of that specific light was disable then increase volumetric distance will solve the issue.

In bonus also check the light shadow and distance issue if that is causing flickering. Just debug it by yourself.
Happy to help.