Spread two vertices


someone knows how to spread out vertices one from each other like imagine you have two vertices, you mentally draw a line between those two points and you spread them out from each other on this line.

any idea ?

simply put, i’d like to enlarge a strip mesh made of triangles.

You simply multiply each vertex with the correct scaling matrix, as detailed in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Scaling_(geometry)#Matrix_representation.

This is sometimes preferable to changing the scale of the object’s Transform in Unity, because scales other than 1.0 have some overhead and the Unity documentation recommends not doing that if possible.

i’m trying to enlarge only some vertices of the mesh over time.

what i’m trying to achieve is to have a nonstop strip of quads being constructed (each quad made of two triangles).

at creation, the new quad of the strip is very narrow and it enlarges over time.