SpringJoint2D Appropriate Values

Hi. I’ve to replicate a drag-and-shoot feature from an existing Web Game. Fortunately, after searching for hours, I found out that there is a built-in feature in Unity called SpringJoint2D.

Here is the reference game: Defender - Play Online

The Problem: I’ve set everything accordingly by following the documentation. But for some reason I can’t find the perfect Damping Ratio and Frequency. My ball is moving way too fast or I would say only revolving around the anchor point. In the reference game, when we shoot; the ball moves fast and comes back to the initial position slowly without too much movement/distortion. But when I’m trying to replicate it, it is just revolving around the anchor point. (I’m adding impulse force to move the ball whenever I drag it)

• I’ve uploaded my project’s video to Youtube, you can see the problem here: Unity Spring2D Problem - YouTube
Thanks for your help :slight_smile:

You could try changing the linear drag and angular drag on the rigidbody component to slow down its movement, make sure to keep the mass at 1 as well