Sprite 2D Flip issue

Hi all, I am quite new to Unity, have some experience with Canvas JavaScript coding and Game Dev, but just starting the Unity Game Dev.

So for a starter I am trying to recreate old game in which player need to catch sliding from a lines objects.

The thing is that when I start a game the Sprite Flip doesn’t works immediately. As can be seen in the video I placed link below.

Secondly the “basket” has a child object which has just the box collider on it to detect if the “egg” touch its side to destroy it, but sometimes, only at the start of game, the "destroyer jumps to the other side of the screen where the “basket” stays on the other side.

That can be seen on the vid as well. Code to this can be seen in the vid. But I will paste it here if that will be necessary.

Apologize for the textures I focus to get the mechanics first.

My Issue can be seen under link.
YouTube Video

I partially solve the issue.

Fix for the Flip of the object was wrong bool declaration at the start of the game.

Still looking for the solution for the position of the child of the basket. It’s now stays on the correct side but when first time is moved to the opposite of the player from starting position its moved a wee bit off of the object and then returns to its correct position.

Any ideas what is wrong and how to fix it. Ill appreciate any helpful tips.