Sprite a lot larger in resolution than what it should be


I’m a beginner so this confuses me a lot. I’ve switched my platform to Android and made a background sprite that’s 800x1280 in dimensions. I’ve made my background to be in 800x1280 WXGA Portrait but when I import the sprite it is a lot larger than my resolution in Scene mode.

I don’t understand why this happens. I’ve read around and I see there are some resolution problems and discrepancies depending on the resolution of the device, but I even made a script that checks where I clicked and when I click in the top right corner I get 794x1287 max. That’s larger than my sprite is, but the sprite is still a lot larger than the screen!

It would be great if someone could help me out!

Hi, check the import settings of your particular sprite by clicking on your sprite in the projects window and viewing the settings within the inspector. Look at the resolution related items at the bottom, something like “max res”. Your issue may be found there, and good luck!