Sprite Based Score Rendering

I’m trying to understand the best practice for displaying multiple sprites for a scoring system from within a script.

Using Unity 4.3’s sprite editor I’ve split a texture into the digits (0 to 9) and the other sprite based text (e.g. “combo” or “score”).
I’d like to display a combination of these sprites as the combo or score is incremented (e.g. display “combo 12” if a 12-hit combo has been triggered).
From my scoring script I’ve exposed a Sprite array in order to hold each sprite but I’m not sure of the best practice to render multiple sprites from this list.

Should I render a series of sprites using GUI.DrawTexture() from within the OnGUI method and use each number Sprite’s texture and textureRect as parameters? Or can I add multiple SpriteRenderer components to render each digit?

After much digging around it seems that GUIText supports bitmap font rendering:


This seems to be the solution to custom font rendering.