Sprite becomes Invisble in game mode / window

Hello Devs ,

I am following a small tutorial to create a Ping-pong game. I’d set background image properly on beneath layer but when I am trying to set a Sprite over a background Texture it is not showing on game window.

I searched through alot and also folllowed this link :

Unity 2d Query link

to create a separate sorting layer for my paddle sprite. Plus I’d try to adjust camera position , order in layer option and try’n enabling / disabling default layer option from top right corner drop-down menu. But nothing works for me.

The properties of Paddle and image is :

and properties of Background layer is look like this :

Edit : Please see attached code here : One drive uploaded code

Please help in rectify this problem.


You said you tried to adjust camera position, but it seems that if you set camera Z position to -1 it’ll solve the problem…