Sprite Character looks Blurry after being Ported to Android

I’m generally new here, so pardon anything I’ve done terribly wrong here.

So how I came to this issue is that I was following this tutorial and I decided to add a few features so I could play this on Android, however I came across an issue where the sprite was not in “point” anymore, but a mushy set of pixels. Animations work, but just the sprite seemed compressed.

Unity Editor Screen:

Android Screen:

can you show me screenshot of sprite setting of character ? and which unity version you are using ?

For anyone Googling this, I solved it thanks to @hexagonius that under my spritesheet, under advanced, “Generate Mip Maps” had to be disabled. If anyone knows why that happened it would be nice to have a explanation.

Thanks to all of you who helped out!

Turn mipmapping off on the sprite. If that doesn’t solve it, show the Android import settings of it.