Sprite.Create on iOS crops images

Hello there,

I’m facing an issue with Sprite.Create (…) on iOS. (but it works on Android)

First, I create a Texture2D from datas received from native code. It works. I can affect that texture to a material.
Then I create a sprite from this texture2D with Sprite.Create (), but it fails by cropping my image.

What actually happens: Let’s say I have a 800x600 texture2D. the result of the sprite creation is a 800x600 crop of a 1024x1024 copy of my texture2D (closest POT)
Here is what is happening:
image example of the issue

I also tried to resize the Texture2D with Texture2D.Resize () to make it a POT texture to avoid cropping but I get a blank image.

I didn’t find any issue Tracker nor Posts about this issue. Can anyone help me please.


Solution found here
iOS does not support all textures format, you should select a compatible one. ex: TextureFormat.PVRTC_RGBA4