Sprite Difference Between iOs and Android

Hi everyone, i am having a problem with a sprite that i created in photoshop. As you can see in the images it look normal when the player is set to iOs but if i change it to android it looks weird. I couldnt figure out why. So i need your help.


The bottom one is because the compression is set at 16bit alpha. If you don’t want to use a GPU specific texture format, you’d need to use ETC texture compression and then use a second gray scale texture as the alpha channel. You’d need a shader that takes two textures with no alpha and merge them to make the transparency. The bad thing with this, is that it wastes a bit more memory as you’d need two textures.

You could also use 32bit alpha texture format, but that takes a lot more memory and if that isn’t your only texture, you might have memory issues.