Sprite disappearing while animation is running

Hey last night i made a bunch of animations for a character walking but i closed it and openend it this morning. All of the animations are no longer working, here is a youtube link of what happens:

Do they play properly when you run the game? If not, try rebuilding the animation and see if that works.

I have remade the animations 3 times and it still does the same thing

Can you share an image of the spriterenderer in the inspector on the player? And do you have any code controlling your animator you can share? Im just curious as to how you set everything up



        if (running == false)
            animator.SetFloat("Horizontal", movement.x);
            animator.SetFloat("Vertical", movement.y);
            animator.SetFloat("Speed", movement.sqrMagnitude);
            animator.SetFloat("SprintHorizontal", movement.x);
            animator.SetFloat("SprintVertical", movement.y);
            animator.SetFloat("SprintSpeed", movement.sqrMagnitude);

i dont understand why it doesnt work because if i reopen it it selects different frames to not work and then makes other ones work

i think is the sorting layer try make new sorting layer for the player

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