Sprite displays in game view but not in scene view

Hi, I’m having a strange issue where all my sprites display correctly in the game view, but I cannot see them in the scene/editor view. Gizmos do not appear when I select them, but I can edit them using the inspector. As a result I can only adjust the sprites’ position indirectly.

I have included a screen shot to illustrate the issue. The sprites are not instantiated by code, and any new sprite objects added fail to display in the editor, whilst displaying correctly in the game. The other images in the project are UI objects, which do display correctly in both game and scene view. I have tried changing the sprites’ layer and sorting layer, to no effect. I have tried moving the UI objects to see if the sprites are behind them for some reason, but they are not. I have tried reloading Unity, no change. I have tried opening another project, it displayed fine.

Running out of ideas. It’s probably something obvious I am missing, can anyone help?

Hi @Gronkwena,

I had the same issue. This question helped me:

Maybe was related to the Layers?