Sprite dissapears when flipping the x-axis while using a normal map.

I read that i have to make a double sided shader or something, i’m a beginner so I don’t know if that’s possible. Im using the standard 2d character controller (the robot kid). The problem occurs when I put a normal map on my custom sprite, one side is perfect, while flipped, it dissapears.

This is the nature of normals. They define the outer/visible surface direction. You’ll see the same thing with the million “Help my model its missing its limbs” or “Help my model has holes in it” questions. The fix is to flip the normals. In your case, ‘double sided’ will mean that both sides are visible.

I have to be honest, I don’t use 2D so I’m not so knowledgeable. But there appears to be a flip on the Sprite Renderer. Others use negative scale.
You may need to invert the normal map for the flipped sprite. Perhaps have two normal maps and use one for each way.

There are also some existing solutions

Also a search