Sprite Editor doesn't zoom out far enough

I have a tilemap that I am trying to downscale from 100x100 cells to the original 32x32 cells.
I had made the mistake of upscaling it from the original 32x32 source art and now want to shrink down all of the 100x100 cells down.

Attempting to regenerate the tilemap loses the connectivity between my existing tilemap assets. So I was hand-editing the sprites in the Sprite Editor after updating the source image to the smaller size.

The only problem is that the Sprite Editor wont let me zoom out far enough to select the now very large and very off image cells. I attempted to hand edit them in the .meta file for the image as well but Unity doesnt seem to take those changes.

If I could just get the sprite editor to allow me to zoom out far enough it would not be an issue.
Seems like a bug to me.


I was able to work around the issue by reducing the size and repositioning the cells in the larger image positioning them relative to each other scrunched down about 30%. Then I updated the image to the smaller size and went back and touched up the positions so they aligned perfectly again.

Major pain in the butt but got it working now. I still say that the Sprite Editor needs to allow you to zoom out to see and edit all cells no matter how far out they are from the image itself.