Sprite Editor not slicing correctly

I put the spritesheet into the sprite editor and I set it to 1 row 24 column
Overall the sprite seems to drag slightly to the right side
On frame 19 I see part of frame 18

Taking the same spritesheet and putting it into piskel it works the way I expect it: http://piskel-imgstore-b.appspot.com/img/f6452ac5-64d2-11e7-8e12-dd6ed54ef398.gif

This is the spritesheet in question: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1imG20V2bW_TnFfeDY5OXh0SnM/view?usp=sharing

How do I get Unity to slice the frames such that the animation appears as it does on piskel?

This means one of your frames is overlapping the width set when Unity cuts your sprite 24 times. You’ll probably have to fix the sprite. Your other options are to find the width that works for your sprite sheet and slice by cell size or just auto it and see how it turns out, might be fine.