Sprite Editor slicing issue (images off-center)


I’m attempting to slice a 4000*200 spritesheet and whenever I slice it, the slices seem right but the generated sprites are off-center. The first sprite is centered and the second sprite looks to be 1 pixel off, third one 2 pixels etc. I highlighted the 20th sprite in the screenshot below to show what’s presumably 19 pixels off.

Whenever I make an animation out of these, the image pans to the right throughout the animation and pops back to center when it hits the first frame. I think that means the generated sprites are off although the Sprite Editor seems to show the right proportions for slicing. I’ve tried using Cellsize and Cellcount slicing but both generate the same set of faulty images.

What am I missing?

I’m using Unity 5.4.0f3 for W10.

I found the problem! I was set off by the fact that my sprites are 102102 while they are supposed to be 200200. I set the Max Size of the spritesheet to 4096 (8192 works too) as the default max size is too low.
Make sure to tick “Override for PC, Mac & Linux Standalone”.

Not sure if this is going to introduce other problems though.