Sprite Editor won't create files.

Hey there, I’m a beginner and I’ve been following this tutorial on YouTube and I’ve encountered a problem. The spritesheet is 1024x828, and after using the slice tool, it places them into separate boxes yet doesn’t create individual sprites for each one. What am I doing wrong?

I’m definitely no expert but after clicking the “slice” button if you have your boxes you should be able to click apply in the top right of the sprite editor. You don’t have 2 of the same image in the Project tab do you and the one you are looking at contains an old imported image?

I’ve literally just tested this and it works fine here.

Thanks for the reply bhutnga, I found the reason last week, I didn’t notice on the sprite sheet in the project tab there was a little button that reveals all of the divided sprites. So now I’m finally back on track. Much appreciated.