Sprite Font

I don’t understand why this has been so difficult, I guess maybe I’m the only person ever who wanted to have something others than a solid color Arial font…

I want to use the numbers I created in Photoshop, 0-9, to display my score value. After messing with the custom font thing for like 20 minutes, I finally got something to appear when I typed with the font, but it was a solid white silhouette of my characters.

The programs I found that do this cost like $20, but so does half a tank of gas and I can’t afford that either.

How can I make this Photoshop mock-up a reality?

If you want it to work like regular font, from my understanding it needs to be a certain file type. I don’t quite remember the file type its supposed to be. You could always manually code every sprite to a letter, but that’s a lot of work.,