Sprite gets invisible after Flipping it in X-Axis

Hey guys. I’m currently trying to flip a sprite in x Axis.
The Problem is that it gets invisible after flipping it.

I loaded a spritesheet texture and a appropriate normalmap spritesheet.
The SpriteRenderer uses a Material with the standard shader provided by Unity.
The Main Texture (Albedo)

the Normalmap:

The Animation works fine. The lighting too. But flipping the texture is not possible.

I hope someone had the same problem and solved it.

Thank you in advance for your answers.

The problem is backface culling.

It’s an optimization that avoids rendering the back side of 3d objects. This is determined by checking the triangle orientation.

If you simply flip the sprite the orientation changes and is considered the “backside” of the sprite and thus invisible.

You could

  1. Check if you find a shader that does not implement culling
  2. Change the shader to disable it
  3. Add the mirrored animation

The simplest solution would be 3) but your sprite sheets already waste a lot of memory with all the transparency. You should optimize them.

Try to change the Graph Setting > Render Face on the Graph Inspector to Both instead of Front or Back.

It worked for me :slight_smile: