Sprite image turns out very blurry in game (mobile)

I am new to mobile development. I am not sure why it is being so blurry. I followed some tutorials in understand the texture compression and possible tips and tricks to help with performance while developing onto a mobile platform.

For starters all I do is place a default cylinder into the scene. Play it in unity and watch it run on my phone using the Unity remote app.

Not sure why right away it is blurry. Seems mainly poor anti-aliasing.

The phone I have is Samsung Galaxy S5. Resolution: 1080 x 1920, 432 ppi

Okay, interesting. Perhaps I should have pushed a built copy of the game to see how it would actually look like. Since I am using Unity remote app it seems to degrade on copying everything that the inspector is showing in terms of pixel quality. When pushing it to my device it looks perfect.