Sprite in game switch system


At the moment I am developing my own 2d endless runner. However I want to give my
players the option to use several skins.
To archieve this I am going to build several sprite sheets.

However I have no idea how to change sprite sheets in game without having to recreate
all of the animations?

So basically I need an option where I can change the sprites and let the animations
automatically adjust to these new sprites.

Any help would be much apreciated!

Thanks in advance^^.

I couldn’t find a way to change sprites with code. You could copy, paste the animator controller in the project folder (in the native file browser), then reload unity. And now with the copy of your animation, you can go in and swap out the key frame images in the animations, with the other skin images. But that is pretty much recreating the animations. But with out having to remake the transitions. But i don;t know if that is at all helpful to you.
I would just recreate the animations
more work, but more control