Sprite invisible in both Scene and Game view, but only in some scenes.

I have a point and click game where the player can walk between scenes using doors. Lets call the Scenes A and B.

In scene A, when I press play the game runs and the player is totally invisible. The object is in the hierarchy and the settings are as per the prefab. Clicking a location in the scene makes the player walk, I can see in the inspector that he is pathfinding correctly, his MechAnim is changing state correctly, his scale and speed are adjusted correctly depending on his Y position, he dynamically sorts his position in the sortOrder to walk behind objects… etc. Everything works, but he doesn’t show up.

If I click on the door, he walks, (invisibly) to it, then transitions to Scene B. In Scene B he is visible. The settinge remain Identical and he performs identically. The only difference is that he is now visible. Walk back to scene A and he again turns invisible.

If I run the game starting with scene B, he shows up initially, then vanishes in scene A again.
If I drag a prefab, it shows up in the scene in B, but not in A.

In the scene, the player sprite starts as an “inputfieldbackground.” When Start() runs it initialises the sprite sheet, state and so on.

In Scene A the “inputfieldbackground” is slightly greyed out and in outline only. In Scene B it’s the usual solid white, rounded cornered square. I’m not editing the settings anywhere, and there’s no “fill centre” option as there is with an image.

Has anyone encountered anything similar? I’m stumped. Obviously I’m happy to provide any additional info.




If anyone else comes across this, the greyed out, outline of the sprite indicated that it was positioned on a layer behind another object. In this case I changed the sort order of the canvas to place the UI in front of everything. The background is also a child of the canvas, so was moved in front of the player.