Sprite is diagonally cut off when on android but works fine in Unity testing.

I have a sprite that is centered in the middle of my canvas. In unity 5, the sprite shows up fine both just in the inspector and when actually testing the gameplay in unity. As soon as I open the game on an android device the sprite is diagonally cut. Here is an example:


I have absolutely no idea what could be doing this considering the only thing that I found online that had anything to do with this was because of the way that the person had changed the slicing of the sprite in the sprite editor. I have not changed it.

It’s not being rendered through UI is it? If so, are you using the sliced image type anywhere? Also, do you have any code that is specifically different for PC vs Android regarding a sliced image type? If the answer to all of this is no, then I have no idea other than trying to turn off “Generate mip maps” on the sprite import settings (Source: Quick search on the issue tracker - Unity Issue Tracker - Image is cropped at the top right area when switching to iOS/Android).

Lastly, more information on how the object is being handled may be appropriate if this doesn’t resolve the issue. Pictures of the inspector on this object, import settings, and any code that could possibly be related to this.