Sprite manager 2.0 canvas size?

Hey guys, I just bought sprite manager and Im using it with unity. It says it can make a canvas of 4096 * 4096 px but I only seem to be able to make 1024, I contacted the creator of SM and he told me it possible but was not specific about it really...

Is there anyone here that has run into this issue ?

Just to make sure, when you build your sprite atlases, are you leaving the "Max atlas size" at 1024?

Yeah but when it builds the atlas are you using enough space for it to exceed 1024? cause when I build an atlas it fits em all in there depending on the space I actually used.

Have you checked that your atlas texture's size isn't being limited by the texture import settings? There's a "Max Texture Size" specified there too, and it defaults to 1024x1024. If it's still on 1024, turn that up to 4096 and it may solve your problem.

If you are using a platform such as iPhone (or at least earlier versions of iPhone), you cannot have a texture larger than 1024x1024 as that is the platform's own max size, and I don't believe Unity will let you have a texture that exceeds the max supported size for that platform (if using Unity iPhone).

I believe your issue is with Graphics Emulation.

Go to Edit > Graphics Emulation> and ensure you select the top of the list iPhone 4… 2.0.

Now try building at 2048.