Sprite Mask Render Issue

Hi, I can’t figure this one out.

I have a blood splatter sprite using sprite mask interaction visible inside mask. When the scene camera is close enough it shows up properly on the below platform masks:

(These platform blocks have a sprite renderer and a sprite mask using both the same sprite)

When pulling away the scene camera or when in game view the blood splatter is not rendered anymore although the platform itself is rendered:

What is interesting is that if I change mask interaction to visible outside mask the blood splatter becomes fully visible at the same distance as if the mask was not rendered. When zooming back in the mask interaction works as expected and shows the sprite only outside the platform…

So what am I missing here… are the sprite masks culled or clipped differently than regular sprites?

Almost forgot to update this thread but I did figure out the problem.
In case anyone has the issue the solution for me was to go through each quality setting (under project settings / Quality) and make sure that they all are using the universal render pipeline asset I created. Some quality levels were not using it and were referencing an old one which I think had the depth/stencil buffer ticked off.

To be honest I was not aware that you could change pipeline asset per quality level :).