Sprite Mask Shader only renders on one Eye/Display (AR)

I want to use the Sprite Mask Component to make a “Scratch Card” or “Coloring Image” effect in AR with Stereo Rendering.
Unfortunately, the shader used by the Sprite Mask Component only works with Multi Pass Rendering. If you use it with Single Pass Instanced the mask renders only on one eye/display.

Does someone have an idea how to fix it?
Or at least tell me how I can find and edit the shader which the component is using?

Thank you in advance!

All standard Unity Shaders don’t work with stereoscopic rendering. They can be only rendered on one camera.
You have to develop your own shaders. Microsoft already created some good stereo rendered shaders in thair MRTK for the Hololens. This works great with all kind of VR/AR devices