Sprite moving too far/fast

I feel kind of stupid even asking this question because it seems like it should be a relatively simple thing to figure out, but I’ve spent a few days trying to figure it out and can’t do it. I just need to move a sprite from one side of the screen to the other. This is the basic line of code I used.

transform.position += direction * speed * Time.deltaTime;

In this scenario the direction is (-1,0,0), the speed is 5 and the code is in void Update.
However when run the sprite instantaneously moves to the edge of the screen where I constrained its movement to. Debug.Logs show that it is simply moving insanely fast, reaching the edge of the screen within less than a second. I’ve tried lowering the speed, using Vector3.Lerp, and using other methods such as transform.Translate, but it always just moves straight to its maximum distance in less than a second.
This is my first 2D project, so I could be going about it the wrong way or I’m just overlooking something simple. Either way I’m not sure what to do and have wasted enough time trying to figure it out myself, so if anyone can help me out I’d really appreciate it.

you can try to use:

transform.Translate(direction * speed * Time.deltaTime);

but it seems like your mistake is somewhere else in your script!
can you post the rest of your script?