Sprite not Rendering when animating in z-axis in a 2d Game

Hello Everyone, em making a 2D game for Android, I have a simple sprite which I am animating in Z-axis (up n down rotation) … the problem is when I animate it and test it in the Editor everything works as expected but as soon as i build an apk to test on my phone the sprite under question doesn’t appear on screen, while everything is working fine in editor, as soon as i disable the animator and rebuild the apk the sprite is their, em using Unity 5.3, any light on the matter is greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

First make sure that you have rendered camera your canvas

Some effects can not be supported on some specific android phones.Check whether some effects were used in your project and try again on other phones.

Hello , I was with the same problem and just Find a Solution . In the animation window you must click on the Rotation property, and access the properties that have the right , navigate to Interpolation and check the " Euler angles ( Quaternion aproximation ) ." Then just compile and will work.

Olá , estava com o mesmo Problema e acabei de Encontrar uma Solução. Na janela de animação você deve clicar na propriedade Rotação, e acessar as propriedades que tem na direita, navegar até Interpolação e marcar a opção “Euler angles(Quaternion Aproximation)”. Depois basta compilar e vai funcionar.