Sprite renderer, bad perfomance on mobile

Hello, I’m currently testing a game where I render a lot of sprites with the diffuse sprite shader on screen at the same time (around 70-100). I get REALLY bad perfomance (10 fps) when testing on a Samsung Galaxy s2, but good performance on a htc one. I tried changing all the sprite game objects to quads instead, with the mobile diffuse shader, and I get a lot better performance (60-80 fps). Have you guys experienced the same thing? I’m okay with using quads, it would just be nice however to use the built in sprite system.

PS. I disabled the game character, and everything that has any code in it, to make sure that it was the sprite gameobjects causing this problem. They are static and to not move.

I should probably mention that all the gameobjects use the exact same sprite, so it shouldn’t be a draw call issue.


I guess you don’t use a sprite texture atlas, right? Without an atlas each sprite still has it’s own drawcall since each sprite will have it’s own texture. You should bake an atlas for all your sprites so they actually batch together.