Sprite Renderer propriety Tiling work in unity 4, but don´t work unity 5

Hello, the “unity 3d 5” is behaving differently from “Unity3D 4”.
I have a “Sprite Renderer” where I added a “stuff” and I want to increase the “Tiling”. But this is what happens:

But in Unity 4, thus the behavior is correct:


I know this question is a bit old, but I’ve recently faced on the same issue and spend half a day to figure out how to solve it.

I didn’t like the idea to spawn many GameObject so here is a shader, that fixes built-in tiling stuff https://gist.github.com/SeeD-Seifer/aad6fe6a790d4ed6cecdca8888c95a59

This is not a bug at all. Actually, fixing this with a custom shader is even a really hardcore way to fix that.
The problem you are facing comes from the texture wrap mode (you can set it in the image import settings)

alt text

it controls how the Texture behaves when tiled.