Sprite Rendering Order

I’m pretty new in Unity, so this maybe are a lame question. I have an gameobject that represents a person. This object has two child sprites that are his head and body respectively. The problem is that Unity are rendering the body over the head and I want the contrary.

I’ve tried using layers in the Sprite Renderer component, but when two persons cross each other the head of one are rendered over the body of the other, and I don’t want it either.

How can I do the both sprites of the person gameobject act like one and at the same time make sure the head is going to be rendered over the body?

Thank you.

Ps.: Because I didnt know the best place to ask this, I’ve posted this question on the forums too. http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/sprite-rendering-order.388622/

In the Sprite Renderer, there will be an Order in Layer; make the head a higher number than the body.