Sprite Selection window Issue

Hi there!

I'm trying to select a sprite at the Sprite Renderer.
I have two problems with the "Select Sprite" pop-up window (see the attached screenshot):
1.- All the sprites are selected by default.
2.- All the sprites that come from a Sprite Mode Multiple, show all the sprites' images like the original texture and their names the same as the first one (see the ParticlesEffects_0).

I had this issue in Unity2019.3. After upgrading to 2020 it was solved, but unfortunately it has appeared again.

Please give me a solution the sooner the better. I cannot work like this.4965164--483185--UnitySpriteSelectionWindowIssue.jpg

Best regards.

[SOLVED] This bug was generated after following the next thread from @ed_s where he suggested to set the Asset Pipieline Version to 1 using Unity 2020.1.0a3 https://discussions.unity.com/t/756748/2

After coming back to the Version 2 the problem was solved but I still having the issue with the Sprite Sking bug "sprites has no bind poses".

We have a fix for this issue in review. You can check whether it landed yet here:

Thank you @LeonhardP

I'll be attentive of this threat news.