Sprite Shape Renderer Sorting Layers

I have a 2D scene with 2 game objects, on the second object I have a sprite shape renderer component used to add a fill to the object. The Sprite Shape Renderer fill is rendered on a separate layer from the parent game object layer and below any other game object on the same layer. This results in the fill being behind every other game object in the scene even if the parent component is above them.

Is there a method to get the Sprite Shape Renderer to ignore the sorting layer and display on the same layer as the parent game object?

Object 1 is the blue rectangle with the image inside
Object 2 is the black rectangle with the red fill, the expectation is that the fill should cover the image below, as the rectangle.



If you only want the Sprite Shape to be behind the parent object, then couldn't you just set the Sprite Shape's sorting layer to be the same as the parent and the Order In Layer to be one less than the parent?