Sprite-Shapes not visible in iOS Build!

Hey, we are right now working on a mobile game and we are using the sprite shapes preview package. On PC while developing and testing everything works just fine and looks good.
We just wanted to try the project on iOS but when we launched the game we only saw normal sprites from pngs. The sprite-shapes are not showing up, however their components like colliders are in the scene. Is there a way to fix this?
We dont know if the same problem occurs on Android yet.

We were able to fix the issue!

We were using a sprite automatically generated by unity (Right-click into the asset browser → Create → Sprite → Square), because it really fit into our simple art style.
After trying out a few builds with different Unity-version and different sprite-shape-package-versions we still werent able to see the spriteshapes in the iOS Builds. At some point we switched the square-sprite to a standard input field sprite and we were finally able to see the spriteshapes in the iOS Build. To make it look clean again we just made a 1x1 pixel white png in paint which also worked fine and looks exactly the same!
We hope this can help someone with the same issue!