sprite sheet character animation in unity.

How i could be able to import sprite sheets to unity? does any one know how to animate a sprite sheet in unity ??? just like walking or jumping ???Any Help ???

you have to write a sprite manager script and attach that to the plane gameobject with a material having the texture of your desired sprite sheet.

This seems to be what you’re looking for.
Spend sometime reading the notes and try using it on a game object.

Sprite sheet animation is done by changing the texture coordinates of the quad displaying the texture. This can be done 2 ways:

  1. You write your own procedural
    mesh that creates the quads on the
    fly and sets its texture coordinates
    to the correct area of the texture
    you want to display.
  2. You write a
    script that changes the offset and
    tiling of the material.

The most used solution is the first one as it is relatively simple to do and provides better performance. The second might be easier to do for a beginner, but will require a unique material per object and that will cause enormous amount of drawcalls.