Sprite tiling and offset?

Hi, I started making a 2d game today, one thing that I couln’t find is that in the sprite renderer component I don’t see any tiling/offset variables, is it impossible to change because I need to do it and can’t find a solution :/.

Sorry but when you answered I already had make it in a different way (Using 3d objects)

Use renderer.sharedMaterial.SetTextureOffset(), or use renderer.material.SetTextureOffset() to change it for only one instance of the object. However, that could have serious implications to frame rate if you change a lot of them.

You can find an example (where the sprite is even animated) in unify wiki: http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php/Animating_Tiled_texture_-_Extended . Note that I would recommend using Material.mainTextureOffset ( Unity - Scripting API: Material.mainTextureOffset ) instead of Material.SetTextureOffset and Material.mainTextureScale ( Unity - Scripting API: Material.mainTextureScale ) instead of Material.SetTextureScale.

Note: I never worked with this yet, this is only from what I remember from my Unity studies…

Hi, I’ve made an asset that will solve exactly this problem: Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making

You can use any material with this and it’s fairly efficient.