SpriteAtlas v2 removes support for Folders?

I hope this is the right place to post this!

I've found the ability to include a Folder in the SpriteAtlas's Objects for Packing list very useful. It removes a lot of work, especially when trying to design asset pipelines or import many assets at once.

In the SpriteAtlas v2 documention, it mentions that this feature is being removed: https://docs.unity3d.com/2020.1/Documentation/Manual/SpriteAtlasExperimental.html

I'm not sure how many others I speak for, but I'd love if this feature could stick around.


Yes, please don't remove folder support from the sprite packer! It saves so much time just being able to add new sprites in to a folder of organised sprites and have that atlas automatically update. Having to add individual sprites to a sprite atlas, especially keeping track of things after a large import, would be quite a bit of a timesink that doesn't exist under the v1 workflow!


I completely agree with all above. Please don't remove folders.

Also, with V2, going into debug mode removed my ability to set the padding higher than 8. Without this, my sprites have issues overlapping. Is there going to be a way to increase padding above 8 in version 2?

Woah, what, why? Wish there was some explanation. We use this for most of our sprite atlases, who wouldn't?

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What is the logical explanation for removing such a useful, essential feature? What could possibly be down side on this?

I feel like we're not going to get a response here unless someone creates a bug report.

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I don't think Unity will think it is really a bug, since they know about it and still want to remove it.

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I had assumed this would be fixed but if not it absolutely should be. Just to give a concrete example here.

We have characters each with their own Scriptable. The Scriptable references a SpriteAtlas containing all the portraits for that character. This SpriteAtlas references a folder named the same as the character. Within that folder are all the portraits, which are named after the expression they show for that character. Our artist can just add new portrait expressions to this folder, and our writer can reference them in their dialogue script without having to mess with SpriteAtlases and Scriptables. With v2 that's not possible anymore.

Oh I didn’t mean to suggest it was a bug.

What I’m saying is unity doesn’t look at these forums as often as we’d like and sometimes our hand is forced into using the bug tracker as a means of getting a hold of someone.

Thinking about it, and maybe it is a good idea.

Humm… On my second look at the link above, I could not find any information that folder support is being removed. Where did you find it?


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Right.. but have you tried to dragging folder to the atlas element slots? It does work for me and it does pack.

When I tried this, it caused the editor to crash:

It’s hopefully fixed in the meantime.

I am using 2020.2a19 and it seems to have been fixed.

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SpriteAtlas V1 though flexible had a few known issues :

  1. SpriteAtlas packed data/textures were stored in Library\AtlasCache rather than the usual Artifacts folder. Hence it does not support Cache-Server/Accelerator.
  2. SpriteAtlas V1 does not support Asset Dependencies introduced by AssetDatabase V2. Hence changes have to be checked for each Sprite/Textures/Folder included in Atlas through custom hashing to see if they need to be repacked.
  3. A change of Platform may potentially require a repack of all the Atlases in the project.

Sprite Atlas V2 solves all the issues above and takes advantage of benefits provided by AssetDatabase V2. However Folder is not a first-class Asset and therefore it cannot be added as a dependency. Besides automatic detection of any change to a folder may be quite expensive for large projects. We will continue to investigate supporting this.

As of now, there are 2 known issues. Sprite Atlas V2 1) does not have full-fledged scripting support yet and 2) Packing is immediate as soon as you make changes in the Inspector. We will be addressing the above 2 soon. Will post an update.

Please also note that we will continue to support Sprite Atlas V1 as usual.


Please do correct me if I am wrong, but I am already using folder to the Atals v2 using Unity 2020.1 or 2020.2

I add folder to the object to be included in the atlas and click preview packing and all seems to pack correctly?

Or is it just looks like working and it is not actually working as intended during realtime play mode?

I am massively confused on this. Without folder option, it’s too difficult to work for my project.

If we need to add a Sprite to the SpriteAtlas by hand, rather than just adding an entire folder as in earlier Unity versions, then that’s a tremendously huge issue from a workflow point of view you’ve introduced. Adding the contents of a folder automatically to a SpriteAtlas is really a must-have.


Even though it will pack the folder contents whenever its packed, automatic detection of any changes in the folder will not be automatic, hence its not recommended. Also you may not be able to drag a folder to the Packables for SpriteAtlas V2 Inspector.

Please note that we will continue to support *Sprite Atlas V1 (*adding Folders as usual will continue to work on V1).

I am able to drag folder to the object slot to add them to be packed. Also, I don’t really mind repacking manually. Even if that is the only way it is 1000% better than having to add every single sprites manually. Besides, I may be able to create a custom editor script to repack all atlases automatically on click of a button, which will be , again, 1000% better than having to add sprites manually. Adding sprites manually, especially for like 1000s of them will definitely have human error. I choose manual repack of atlas over adding 1000s of sprites individually on any project.

Besides, in Editor, it’s not so bad if current atlas is 100% up to date because the game will still run and show sprites anyway (just not using atlas) but when you build addressable or actual game, it will repack the atlases so that’s ok I think.

So if Unity is thinking about removing current folder option (even if it stays as it is) please reconsider. It’s really a bad idea. Let us at least use what we have.