SpriteMan 3D Support Thread!

SPRITEMAN 3D has just been released!!!


What does it do?

This asset allows you to rig multi-directional sprite characters and use them in 3D games. You can then animate these characters with Animators similar to how you would work with 3D models!

Where do I get it?


What about docs?


Docs are also in the root folder of the asset. Check out the FREE version!


Both usage and our scripting API is fully documented! I don't like clunky, poorly documented 3rd party software the same as every other developer and want users to have to have a great experience using SpriteMan.

What about support?

Send me an email at abardandev@gmail.com.

What about new features?

Email me with feature requests.

Adrian B.

Hi all - based on user reviews, I opened up a poll for users that would like access to full source code of SpriteMan. Vote above, and feel free to post other related comments you may have.

hi @glowe , thanks for listening to your customer's suggestion. Sorry about the bad review, no bad intent or anything. Hope, I can see more cool features from your system in future. Right now, you can spot my vote right away (the very first vote). Anyway, have a nice day!

v1.1.0 is on the Asset Store!

This package includes the following:

  • Full source code!
  • Added Two Way mode.
  • A 16-way sprite manequin model with Idle, Walk and Run states.
  • A ‘reflect east to west’ optimization option.

This version has some special upgrade instructions. They are in the package, and I’ll include them here in the forum thread as well.

This version is 1.1.0.

This version has some important changes to SpriteMan3D. The most important is the inclusion of full source code. The process of changing from dll to project scripts most likely WILL BREAK SpriteManager assets that you’ve created. This means this version is not compatible with previous versions of SpriteMan3D and will require the following steps to upgrade:

  • Delete the SpriteMan3D folder from your project.
  • Import the new SpriteMan3D asset package. (If you upgraded without deleting the existing folder first, please do so now and continue this guide after deleting and reimporting the package.)
  • Your managed sprite models will most likely have missing references where the old SpriteManager script used to be. For each affected model or prefab, add the new SpriteManager from the SpriteMan3D\Scripts folder.
  • Next, your animations were broken on your managed sprite models. Any animations that referenced SpriteManager.CurrentFrame will now appear yellow and say the property is (Missing!). Remove those properties and add them again. If you can’t remove those properties, you can delete the affected Animations and recreate them. (NOTE: DO NOT delete Animators! Animator logic is not affected by the upgrade issues. If you delete animations and recreate them, you will be able to reassign them to your existing Animator States.)
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I've been working hard in the past few months putting SpriteMan to good use! Check out Grim Dragons: the first game that's powered by SpriteMan3D!


I never animated anything before making this game and it was a very rewarding learning experience. The most challenging part was creating the actual characters. I basically taught myself how to animate and optimize my workflow.

Hey, congrats on your first game! The game art looks cute and unique ;)

Thanks, BlueD. That’s the kinds of games we had in mind when making SpriteMan. This technique was used in games like Xenogears. And that kind of technique can look even better with modern technology and higher resolution sprites. Though I did find out the hard way that textures end up taking most of the space in a game build. It got a little challenging figuring out how to make the sprite characters look good on mobile, but I think I figured out a good balance.

v1.1.0 is LIVE on the Asset Store!

Someone asked today if SpriteMan3D supports Normal Maps. The answer is... YES (mostly)...

First a video of SpriteMan3D with working normal maps - it looks really cool:

Here are my findings:
I did some research and found out this great tutorial on setting up sprites on normal maps:

Here are more details:
- You can follow the video tutorial above just fine. The shader they used is a Unity shader, just an older version. So, nowadays, the shader to use would be Legacy Shaders/Transparent/Bumped Diffuse.
- You CANNOT use my 'Reflect East to West' feature with that shader though. (What my script does is set the Flip X boolean in Sprite Renderer component to achieve the reflection. This works fine with regular sprite shader, because it's double sided. But the Bumped Diffuse shader is only single sided. Flipping the sprite turns it away from the camera making it disappear.)
- If you set sprites for all directions and leave 'Reflect East to West' unchecked, it will work just fine.
- If you're using pixel artwork for your sprites, I would recommend using graphics programs like photoshop to generate normal maps or following this guide:
- If you have existing sprite atlases just follow some guides to create normal maps - it's just a grayscale image where dark is far and light is near. You can probably use free Painter or Gimp to do this if you're happy with it.
- If your atlas is a bunch of individual images and you're using the Packing Tag to pack them into atlases in Unity, I don't really know how to get at the generated atlas textures to generate normal maps from that. Maybe you'd need to create your own atlas the hard way and generate the normal map from that in a program like photoshop.

SpriteMan 3D FREE is coming!

I've been wanting to make a free version of SpriteMan 3D for a while. But, what do I put in the free version?! Well, I've figured it out, and it's been submitted to the Unity Asset Store! Here's what it has:
- you can only make 2 and 4-way characters (the full version includes 8 and 16-way)
- you don't get source code (the full version has FULL source code)

I recently found a great utility that reduces png files sizes by about 60%!


I've found that depending on the sprite resolution you're going for, characters with lots of sprites can end up with some really large atlases, becoming a large resource drain for running games.

I have two questions:

Does this asset allow you to create sprites from a 3D model? In particular, if I have a 3D model for a character, I’d like to create 8 or 16 sprites showing different rotations. Does this do that?

Second, are these sprites usable in 2D games?

SpriteMan doesn't have a feature for creating sprites from 3D objects. Sounds like a good feature though. Currently, your best bet is to find a different product that does that already.

For your second question - it depends. What kind of 2D game do you want to make - can you post a screenshot of something?

With SpriteMan you can make 2D games that use 3D terrains and orthographic cameras. This allows you to use Unity's built in physics. Also, you don't have to worry about z-ordering everything. If a SpriteMan model is behind a 3D crate, there's no fancy z-ordering logic required.

I don't think SpriteMan works for games made only of 2D sprites and tiles though. There are probably more appropriate packages for orthographic 2D side-scrollers. They come with bone based animation systems.

There's probably also better packages for things like 3/4 or top-down 2D tile based games. These will probably handle things like z-ordering mentioned above.

When I try to use the Animator for your 8D Knight prefab, I get this error when trying to view the animation, and it doesn't show any of the actual images. When I play test the game it works, but I can't preview the animation while in Mecanim.

State 'Idle' on 'Person 3D Sprite : Managed Sprite : SpriteManager' has '1' frames defined, but the animation is on frame index 2. Please make sure its 'Idle' animation doesn't set CurrentFrame beyond 1, or add more frames to the 'Idle' state.
SpriteMan3D.SpriteManager:OnWillRenderObject() (at Assets/SpriteMan3D/Scripts/SpriteManager.cs:150)

Is this error something I caused, or is it because of how the asset is designed?

With version 2017.1 there is now live preview mode! :)

Hello, glowe! I bought your asset, SpriteMan!

I was very helpful in developing an 8-way character by your asset

So I want to change image, increase the sprite resolution and frame rate, and then modify it.
I want to make an 8-way sprites character with high resolution like your game, Grim Dragon.

Could you tell me How to do and What Kinds of tools you used?

Hi @glowe

Does it works also for static sprites like trees for example ?

Hi, would Spriteman 3D work for a FPS game like Doom with sprite enemies?

Hey @glowe - I noticed that your site is down. Is there any where else I can view the docs for Spriteman 3d?

oh boy - sorry guys. I didn't check the support thread for a while.

@KIMSEONHO - Short answer: I hand drew the frames, scanned and colored them in Photoshop. Long answer: I made some simple gray 3d models first in Maya and animated them there so I could get all the exact angles and frames I wanted. Then I hand drew over those.

@zenGarden - Yes, SpriteMan fully supports static stuff like props and trees. With one catch: it just can't be very wide. Since the sprite gets billboarded, really wide stuff will start looking way off.

@derkoi - Yes, SpriteMan can be used normally to make FPS games. The FPS character would just be a regular character that's always in front of the camera.

@HeadClot88 - Yes, the full documentation is available in the root folder of the asset, both FREE and paid versions. I took the SpriteMan site and domain down because it was getting too expensive to maintain as its own domain.

If there's any reluctance about this asset, please try the FREE version first and see if it does what you need. It supports everything except for 8-way and16-way models and full source code access.

For any other questions - please email me at abardandev@gmail.com. I guarantee to answer very quickly there.

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