SpriteManager sprites only visible in scene view

I’m using the LinkedSpriteManager in Unity 4.3. Occasionally, (seems to be random) the sprites will show in the scene view, but not in the game view. This also carries over into the build of the game.

I have tried adjusting the camera and resetting scripts, as well as picking apart my code for anything that could be affecting the visibility. However, I don’t think it is a logic error, since the sprite is visible in scene view.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

1:) Are you loading them via the Inspector?
2:) At runtime are you Instantiating them, from resources or not?
3:) Is the script you are attaching to the prefab sprites set up and assigning the prefabs in the Inspector via the Hierarchy or within the Project view?

Some code to see would benefit myself and others and will more than likely get you a response that fixes your problem.

I found the answer to my problem! I saw Brady had given an answer in another question (I’ll find it again and link it). I had the LinkedSpriteManager attached to a Prefab that I was instantiating at runtime and needed to set autoUpdateBounds to true in SpriteManager.cs.

Thank you for your help, everyone who responded!