Sprites and text

My idea is basic and I’m hoping the answer even more so. How do I put text onto a sprite?

I’m making a puzzle game where a draggable card has a question on it. So there’s a sprite renderer for the card background and I want to be able to change the text on the card.

At the moment, I’ve got parent object with the sprite on it and a child object that has a TextMesh on it. First issue was the text was being hidden behind the sprite. After messing around with the sorting layer to get this to show up in the right order (text on top), I then found that if I’ve got two cards overlapping, the text on both would show up (instead of the bottom one being hidden)

It seems this question has been asked quite a few times but I was just hoping that with the release of the 4.3+, there is a simpler way. Is there a simple solution for this?


When I was working on a 2D numbers game for my kid. I originally tried GUIText to make the dynamic questions and problems and for me that was completely wrong.

I ended up going with a system where I created a 3dText game object and just parented that to my game object. I have me the flexability to change the text on it through code and the versitility of it being in world space and being able to be moved around.

I dont know if I am on the right track for your case but give it a try if I am.