Sprites collision not working on high speeds

Hi there, I’m making this game where the player has this X-like sprite made out of two lines and he can control it on his phone by rotating it with his finger, the sprite is rotating around its pivot - the center; He has to hit some balls that are falling down with his 4 “propellers” by rotating them. The problem appears on collision, the player can rotate the propellers as fast as he wants - or as fast as he can move his finger - and that leads to some balls going through the sprite’s collider because of the high speed.
Any method on how I could solve this? Making it so that the colliders work perfectly at any speed?
I’ve tried changing the collision type from Discrete to Continuous, but that’s not fixing the issue.
The sprite the player’s rotating has a Polygon Collider 2D. Could that be the problem? I’ve used this type of collider instead of a basic box collider, as the sprite has a wavy kind of form.

As a filler, the sprites I’m using are pretty small and thin and that makes me believe that that would be causing this problem. I’m looking for a way of fixing this without making my sprites thicker/bigger, as I like the design it has now. Changing their scale would be my last option.