Sprites have black Lines

Hey there, got (again) a little problem.

I am using the “Uni2D” plugin to draw my sprites (just you guys know, what i am working with)

So, i made these two clouds in illustrator, exported them as .png files, imported them -
Set the Texture-Settings: Disabled MipMaps and set the Wrap Mode to “Clamp” (the creator of the Plugin suggests to do that)


I get these black lines around my sprite:

alt text

Here is one of the original sprites:


The corners of the sprite are all lightly-bluewish, but Unity/Uni2D shows them with those little black lines, like in the Scene-picture above. Don’t exactly know if it is an Unity or Uni2D thing?

I also tried to resize my TextureAtlas (didn’t make any sense, though…) and my Padding-Value, like to…10…didn’t change anything.

Any suggestions?

According to your original sprite, the background IS black. Therefore aliasing may cause this kind of artifact.

You need to have the background color of your original sprite to be the same (or almost the same) base color as the border of the shape but with an alpha set to zero (transparent).

Note that the same technique is used to prevent bleeding when using repeating texture. The idea is to prevent a gap in the RGB space. There are even some software that can help you make this kind of texture.

yea thats common you need to have the background of the image to be a similar color.

Basically the image imported doesnt line up perfectly with whats drawn

so you have like a green object to be in photoshop over a lightish green background.