Sprites imported in high quality have parasite lines around. How this can be solved ?

Hi, in a 2D game the sprites are used in various places and there is a problem with those parasite lines around them 113871-13.jpg. The two attached images illustrate the problem. How can it be solved. I am using unity 5.6 on linux.
The eye in the second picture have dimensions 76x76px, and these are the import settings used:
Texture type: Sprite2D and UI Sprite Mode: single Pixels per unit: 100 Mesh type: Tight Extrude edges: 1 Pivot: Center sRGB color texture: true Alpha source: Input texture alpha Alpha is transparency: true Wrap mode: repeat Filter mode: Bilinear Max size: 128 Compression: High quality
This is for default tab, no overrides for other platforms are made.

Set wrap mode to clamp, I believe that should fix wrapping issues like that.

Problem solved! Great thanks, wish you all the best.