Sprites in spritesheet have strange edges in the sprite editor but not in art software

I have a sprite sheet. It’s 298x2396px with several 32x32 sprites all separated by a one pixel gap. When I go to cut the sprites out of the sheet in Unity’s sprite editor, almost every square sprite has a transparent edge that doesn’t seem to fit perfectly within a 32x32 square.
This issue persists after cutting the sprite using the sprite editor and creates a gap between tiles in the game.

This is the spritesheet in the sprite editor

This is the same spritesheet in an editing software (Gimp) where the edges are solid and precise.

I’ve attempted exporting the file with a variety of different settings but nothing has worked so far and I’m at a loss. The best solution thus far has been to save the file in 16-bit format with no transparency, but there are sprites on the sheet that use some transparency and are broken by me doing this.

Please someone help! I’ve never had this issue before.

This could be the fault of the editing software due to how large the spritesheet is. Or, Unity is doing something because it’s so large. I once had a 200x100 image. I exported it as 3000x1500, and it was all messed up like yours. Whether it’s the editor or Unity doing it, just try making a smaller spritesheet.

Hi @Chris1012,

When you have your sprite selected, check what is current selected Max size of sprite. Probably 2048… just switch to 4096. Hope will work.191444-rg4ehyecl0.png