Sprites Showing up Behind Tilemap???

So, I’m making a 2d game demo for school, and I recently imported a tile map into the game using TIled and Tiled2Unity. I’ve done this before with no issue. This time, for some reason, the player was invisible. I then swapped the game to 3d, just so I could see where the player was in the editor, and when I did that I saw that the player was “pinned onto” the back of the tilemap instead of the front. So, I changed the Z position to -1 and it worked…In the editor. Once I hit play, something automatically set the players position to 0 again, and he ended up behind the tilemap again. His sprite doesn’t break in other scenes, and it won’t let me apply the z-position to the player prefab. Please help! This is due soon, and I can’t figure this out. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!

I know this post is old but I found a solution. Go to your tilemap and on the tilemap renderer open additional settings and change the “Order in Layer” to -1. Hope this helps to anyone else who has this issue.

So, After messing with my game a bit, I’ve found that for some reason the child object of my player is extremely screwy. If I set it to be in front of the player (z=-1) It works in the 3d editor, but as soon as I set it back to 2d the object is behind the player, even though the z value has not changed. This is quite frankly pissing me off, and idk how to fix it.

@ajmc123 you have to change the object’s sorting layer you can find that in the sprite renderer,you have to change its sorting layer which is in the sprite renderer